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Markets - DutchPetRecycling


The world is our market. We sell and buy generally in Europe, Africa and the Far East. Suppliers often make use of our knowledge of the markets. Post consumption materials like PET bottles are mostly being offered by public or commercial sorting facilities. Post production materials are offered by industrial companies which produce a by-product which has to be sold outside the market of the main product. Buyers are found in the packaging, paper or textile industry while they are interested in a specific and specified commodity for its production needs.


Trading often includes transport. Especially light materials like PET bottles, should be carefully baled to lower transport costs. In other cases materials can be packed in big bags or oktabins. Separate collection and sorting, taking into account quality aspects which differ per material, is always relevant.

We offer multi modale solutions together with international partners. While mostly working with containers in intercontinental transport, trucking may be an attractive modality in Europe. Several European companies are working with us.

Weight always is an important aspect of transport. Therefore we ask for a weight per loading.