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Mission - DutchPetRecycling


It is our mission to run a sustainable business with two specific goals:

  • We want to contribute to a solution for today’s waste problem, so our children are not left to deal with the waste problems we are creating. That means that waste is re-used and that commodities are not depleted.
  • We want to be a reliable partner for our partners so that we will stay in business for tomorrow and the days thereafter.


Ton van den Oever is founder and manager of DutchPetRecycling. He also manages a company named RenergyTrading which is specialised in trading of waste to energy.

Ton van den Oever is a generalist, well-experienced in recycling, international, flexibel, innovator.

His short resume;

  • chairman environmental committee Dutch paper and board industry
  • co-founder CDEM, recycling de-inking sludge paperindustry
  • business development recycling market at Grontmij
  • Founder Retourvloer , recycling carpets
  • Founder Renergy, secondary fuels
  • Manager wood recycling and sorting plants
  • Consultant business development recycling at PUM
  • Founder and manager DutchPetRecycling and RenergyTrading

Technical Support

Frits Elkink joined Dutch PET Recycling in 2013 after retiring from his job as senior scientist at TeijinAramid research laboratories (formerly Akzo Nobel research)  in Arnhem. He is an experienced polymer physics scientist, with emphasis on dynamic mechanical properties, fiber reinforced composites and the application of high performance industrial fibers such as polyester and aramid.  Based on this industrial experience, his knowledge about the world of recycling is developing.

Sales (Asia)

Joep van den Oever joined Dutch Pet Recycling in early 2015. In his last job as account manager for a specialized datacentre security company in Amsterdam, he discovered his predisposition for commercial activities. He graduated in 2014 with a Master’s degree in Military History at the University of Amsterdam, and wrote his thesis on Vietnamese 20th century history.  When recognizing that his knowledge about Vietnam’s history, society and culture in combination with his strong tendency towards sales, could be of use to Dutch Pet Recycling, he was asked to join the company. With the support of his father Ton, who visited Vietnam several times, his goals are to maintain and expand trade relations in Vietnam and neighbouring regions. 


From a rich and long time experience, going back to the beginning of the rise of recycling industry in the eighties of last century, Ton van den Oever founded this company.

DutchPetRecycling was founded as a response to requests of clients who were interested in getting advantage of our existing network. With projects and contacts all over the world we are able to make connections which create new business.

With a history in paper- and recycling industry for over three decades we have experience in the use of waste paper, the sorting of waste, the business of secondary fuels up to the collection and separating of plastics.